Pool cleaner Mastery - Lanorys®
Pool cleaner Mastery - Lanorys® €46,40 €83,52
CLEAR YOUR POOL OF DIRT, LEAVES AND INSECTS!  The Pool Cleaner Mastery™ makes all pools clean and pleasant to swim in again. Thanks to the smart operation of the Mastery™ Pool Vacuum Cleaner, you can intelligently and easily remove all debris from the pool. So you can always enjoy your pool with a clean feeling!  IMPORTANT BENEFITS Funcionamiento inteligente: Our Pool Cleaner Mastery™ has a smart design that easily sucks dirt out of the water. The suction power strength is optimally adjusted, so that all dirt is well taken care of!! This allows you to clean the pool with ease! High quality material: The Pool Cleaner Mastery™ is made of durable material. This means that this pool vacuum cleaner will last for a long time. So you can enjoy and swim in a clean pool for years to come! It is widely applicable: Our Pool Cleaner Mastery™ can be used anywhere! You can use it for your pool, pond, jacuzzi and also for your own bathroom! So you can swim anywhere safe and carefree! Easy to use: Using the Pool Cleaner Mastery™ is very simple. Quickly and easily connect it to your garden hose. Place the pool vacuum gently on the bottom and watch the dirt flow into the bag. You'll have a clean pool in no time! Order your Pool Cleaner Mastery™ TODAY and benefit from 50% DISCOUNT and free shipping! OUR WARRANTY: Our priority is the customer satisfaction, so that since Lanorys®, We offer Total transparency about the way we work: ✅ All our orders are processed within 48-72 hours. You will receive an email and SMS confirmation once your order is shipped. ✅ We offer 14 days for returns. ✅ At all times, you will have access to a tracking number to track your order and be aware of any status updates. ✅ You can contact us in the "contact" section of our website or in any of our social networks. ✅ All messages we receive will be answered within 24 hours. ✅ For more information, please refer to the "FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions" section of our website. ONLY IN LANORYS. NOT AVAILABLE IN PHYSICAL STORES
Inflatable pool chair - Lanorys®
Inflatable pool chair - Lanorys® €32,47 €46,36
Enjoy and relax comfortably by the pool or on the beach.   The inflatable and floating hammock for summer, foldable, with headrest to enjoy at the beach, swimming pool, sports or water games, as a lounger, chair or mattress. Features An aquatic entertainment product for relaxation and leisure, used in swimming pools and beaches. You can relax in the sun while cooling off or play and have fun with the kids. Settings Two adjustment possibilities, sitting and reclining, by easily adjusting the straps. Specifications Material: PVC materialColor: blue, red, orange, greenSize: 1200x1000x100 0mm/47.24x39.37x39.37inNet weight: 500gGross weight: 500gThe maximum weight of people: 120kg
Solar pool Ionizer - Lanorys®
Solar pool Ionizer - Lanorys® €92,86 €167,13
Do you have a pool that is always dirty and often turns green? No more worries! Our solar pool ionizer kills algae and bacteria before it has a chance to form and take over your pool. A safe and healthy option for spa and pool treatment. Pools that have a green color are probably infested with harmful algae.Make sure your pool is 100% safe so you and your children can enjoy the pool without worry! A cost-effective method to treat your pool. Reduce the need for shock and frequent algaecide treatment to keep your pool crystal clear and algae free. Easy to clean with a brush so you can reuse it as much as you need to keep a clean and pleasant pool. Long-lasting rechargeable batteries powered by eco-friendly solar panels! No need to trade expensive batteries for a pool that can be enjoyed all year round. Ionized pools are the least expensive to maintain and are easy to manage and keep balanced. Less stress, less worry and less expense - what could be better?


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